Free Video Poker: Enjoy Your Favorite Game in The Easy and Funny Way

If you are a fan of video games and would like to discover the world of gambling for yourself, video poker is definitely what you need. It is the perfect mixture of the simplicity and ardor of slot games and mathematic skills and strategies of table games of mind. So basically, it is the simplified version of the table poker squeezed in the slot machine.

Learn the basics of the best free video poker games and become the master of video poker online.

The basic features of free video poker

The more you are learning online video poker, the more you understand the core principles, on which the game is based regardless its variation:

  • There is a classic 52-card deck that is applied in all online video poker games;
  • The poker hand that is dealt in video poker has five cards;
  • Every winning card combination has its own value that is eventually compared and learning all the hand values is the key strategy of playing.

The ultimate goal of the video poker is to end up with the hand of the biggest value. Learning peculiarities of the game and how to analyze the game process and appearing poker hands is the key to making the proper decisions during the gameplay.

The basic guide to start playing video poker

It is incredibly easy to start playing the game. All you need to do is to proceed with very simple following actions:

  1. Choose the proper free video poker game among all online free games – consider all the included bonus features and free stuff, peculiarities of the paytable and the proper RTP of the game;
  2. After choosing and entering the game, set the particular amount of coins you would like to spend each time you make a spin – the bet can be modified by clicking the corresponding button on the screen (Bet) and nearby up and down arrows;
  3. When you stated the particular bet, make a spin by clicking the button “Deal”, which will create the initial poker hand on your screen;
  4. After receiving the first poker hand, make a decision about the cards from the hand you need and would like to keep and the card you do not need and can get rid of – mark the needed cards by clicking on them or clicking the “Hold” button behind;
  5. Click the button “Deal” again to start replacing the unmarked cards;
  6. Read the value of the hand that eventually appeared on the screen – your winning would totally depend on where this exact hand is on the paytable ranking and in the poker ranking.

The exciting moment of this awesome video game is that you can try to predict the final hand not by the single intuition, but also using your mathematic skills and strategies.

Different types of free video poker

Besides some small differences, all the types of video poker use the same basic principles and rules. However, deciding which type to choose, these differences can play the important role:

  1. Deuces Wild – the game offers deuces as Wilds in slots that are symbols to substitute for any card in the hand;
  2. Jacks or Better – the most typical and classic video poker;
  3. Joker Poker – the game offers the extra Joker card as a Wild.

So many exciting types differ in such interesting details, which can bring the heat to your particular game. So do not hesitate, choose and start playing your video poker free.

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