Poker chips

How to get poker chips for a game night

Often, many poker lovers, due to the updated legislation and the transfer of all gambling establishments to a special zone, start looking for an opportunity to continue playing. Not everyone wants to part with their favorite hobby and many are starting to go online, but not everyone is happy with it, most want to spend the evening with their friends. In order for this to be possible, you just need to purchase a good set for poker in the online store, and your dream will come true.

How to get poker chips legally

You can simply buy them at the shop. Poker sets may differ in the package and in their workmanship. There are sets of 100, 200, 300, 500, 600 and 1000 chips. Such sets are the most common because they are the most convenient for playing and distributing poker chips between players.

Chips for Texas Holdem poker come in different types and categories, and how to get poker chips right might not be easy question. The most inexpensive and simple ones are made of plastic and represent an ordinary small plastic circle, the quality of their manufacture leaves much to be desired and will not satisfy the wishes of an experienced player.

Next up are the higher grade poker chips. They are also made of plastic, but have a metal core for an easy play. This allows you to increase their weight and, when they hitting each other, you hear a pleasant sound.

The highest quality chips are ceramic. They have the best quality control and they are used in poker tournaments and famous casinos. These chips are made of 100% ceramic and their lifespan is completely unlimited. Their only drawback is fragility.

How to get poker chips free? Make them yourself. Online you can find a lot of tutorials which will help you to make your own chips from any material.

The weight of the chips in the poker sets

There are three types of chips that have different qualities and are made from different materials; now we will consider how much each chip weighs from one category or another:

  • Economy class, plastic, weight from 4 to 7 grams.
  • Class standard, plastic with metal insert, weight from 9.5 to 14 grams.
  • Luxury class, ceramics, weight 9.5 grams.

Despite the average weight, the highest quality chips are ceramic. They are recognized all over the world and are used in the coolest gaming clubs.

How many chips does each player need

How many poker chips you might need depends on several parameters – the type of game, the number of players at the table. Before deciding how to get poker chips you need to figure out what game you gonna play. So, in cash games, depending on the number of players, it is customary to have the following number of chips:

  1. 4-5 players – approximately 300;
  2. 6-7 players – 400;
  3. 8-10 players – 500.

In a tournament game, the number of chips depends on the buy-in of each specific tournament. But regardless of the type of game, the most convenient set of denominations should be distributed in proportions 4-3-2-1 (the chips of the smallest denomination should be four times more than the largest denomination).

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