Knowing the best poker hands is the basis for success in the game

The structure of bets and other factors determine the value of the initial poker hands. It is impossible to say with 100% certainty that this initial combination is better than another, and this one is worse. It is impossible to predict the victory, this is the appeal of poker.

Undoubtedly, the professional training and experience of the gambler play an important role – there are several starting card rankings, the potential of which is much higher than others.

Best Poker Hands: the Layman’s Perception

The poker hand consists of 5 cards. After opening the river, there are five cards on the table (flop three, turn, and river), as well as two pocket cards for each player:

  • Flush draw – Royal Flush will take place with one card of the other value;
  • Two-way straight draw – a sequence of four consecutive cards, two of which are in the player’s hand;
  • Gutshot – this draw will turn into a straight flush only if there is a card of the other value;
  • In the case when pocket cards are older than all other combinations, they can also be attributed to the hands of the draw.

So, from 7 cards, they must choose 5, which form the best hands in poker. Such combinations can be 21. But playing poker for a long time, the winner will be able to determine the best hand instantly.

The Best Poker Hands Desired by Players

Most of players agree that it is better to enter the game with premium cards – Kings and Aces:

  • The best starting hands in poker are Aces, Ace / King, Kings. According to statistics, one of the pairs a player receives every 110 hands. The effectiveness of cards decreases with an increase in the number of opponents. Kings require special attention;
  • Q and J are good starting cards. They, of course, have a dignity lower than Aces and Kings, but better than all the other possible starter cards. Of course, there is a chance to encounter a player with a pair of Aces or Kings, but the percentage of this probability is low;
  • The best combinations are TT, AK, AJ, AQ, KQ. The starting Ace, Queen, and Ace, Jack is also high.

Starting a career in poker, gamblers should play with the best cards only. Finding out how to use the starting hands’ chart, players can get pre-flop. Many players waste money at this stage, playing too many combinations instead of stopping the game.

The value from the list of best poker hands depends directly on the number of opponents. Starting combinations almost inevitably lead to defeat if there are 9 or 10 players behind the board, but provide victory if there are fewer participants.

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