Online Video poker strategy

The popular video poker Online has an unusual table of payout coefficients for combinations, which is significantly different from that used in other common models. However, many users, switching from one video poker to another, do not change the strategy of the game, which significantly increases the advantage of the casino and, accordingly, reduces their chances of winning. The game strategy was developed taking into account statistical data, opinions of authoritative foreign experts.

Online video poker variations

But first, let’s find out how the online versions of this video poker, released by different manufacturers of online casino software, can differ. In fact, variations are possible only in the payout rates for some combinations. We will consider them at a rate of five coins.

In all models known to us from well-known companies, Royal Flush gives a payout of 4000 coins.

Most Online video poker players pay 1000 coins for Straight Flush, although there are variations with significantly lower winnings for this combination (for example, 450 coins in Online from Net Entertainment).

We can say that one of the most memorable features of this video poker is the same forty coins payout on Straight, Flush and Full House combinations. We do not know of any Online models with different ratios.

A pair (jacks and higher) and two pairs are also paid equally. Any of these combinations gives a win of five coins.

The traditional reward for Three of a Kind is fifteen coins.

The largest discrepancies are found in the payment of the Four of a Kind combination. In Online video poker games from different manufacturers, it can give 150, 170, 175 and even 200 coins.

Naturally, when choosing video poker, you should give preference to the versions with the highest odds (all other things being equal).

Online Video poker allows you to play multiplier payouts. Some give you the opportunity to bet half of the amount received. Consider this aspect as well if you are interested in the risk game.

There are bonus payments in some models. They can be a decent help in the game, unless they are accompanied by low odds for combinations.

General guidelines for video poker

Since in all Online online video poker games the Royal Flush pays disproportionately high (4000 coins) when playing with five coins, you should always place this bet. This is a mandatory rule from which there are no exceptions.

Now to reiterate: do not use the strategy in Online game that you use when playing Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker or other video poker.

Remember once and for all: the speed of the game does not matter in the slightest. Accuracy and absence of errors are much more important. Also, forget about your intuition. Decisions should be made based solely on the provisions of the basic strategy.

Video poker strategy

We offer you a simplified version of the optimal strategy for Online video poker.

Hands with ready-made combinations

Paid combinations cannot be split. The exception is four cards on Royal Flush.

Hands without ready-made combinations

  • It is worth leaving such cards (from the more preferred ones down).
  • Four cards for Royal Flush.
  • Four cards on Straight Flush.
  • Four cards on Flush.
  • Three cards for Royal Flush.
  • Four cards on Straight.
  • Three cards on Straight Flush with one hole.
  • Three cards of the same suit.
  • Three offsuit cards, jack or better.
  • Two cards for Royal Flush.
  • Two big cards, jack or better.
  • The jack or card is higher.
  • Unpaid couple.

Depending on the significance of some combinations, the strategy of the game can be adjusted. For example, if Straight Flush pays low, then sometimes you should try to catch another combination, the probability of which is much higher.

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