Pai Gow Poker: the Strategies and Useful Tips

Pai Gow Poker is a very peculiar game, often a draw, because to defeat the dealer, participants need to beat both his hands. Winnings are paid in the ratio 1:1, from which the casino commission is calculated, which is five percent. A draw will be counted regardless of which dealer’s hands were beaten. But if the player and the dealer have the same combination, victory is awarded to the dealer.

Pai Gow Poker: the Best Winning Strategies

The essential strategic rule at Pai Gow Poker online is that a low hand is not a dumpster where players must constantly throw the worst cards. Complying with this rule of how to play, participants must often sacrifice a strong and high hand to form two strong combinations. So, having a full house, they need to leave three cards in a high hand and place two cards in a low. Having two high pairs, they should be divided. Players should know:

  • To achieve the greatest advantages in Pai Gow Poker, two different strategies can be used – aggressive and conservative. Both of them take into account all the controversial moments of the game and offer their best solutions;
  • Using a conservative Pai Gow Poker strategy, the players hold most of the strong combinations in the high hand and set low cards in the low. It increases the likelihood of a tie result – pushes and reduces the likelihood of losing and winning;
  • Aggressive players, on the contrary, always try to expand the chances for a true win. Even if, for this, they have to break an almost invincible high combination of cards. It reduces the likelihood of a push and adds the possibility of losing.

Most casinos use a conservative strategy that determines the actions of the dealer. Regardless of whether he plays as a banker or as an ordinary player. For most initial card combinations, the aggressive and conservative strategies are the same. Their main difference is manifested in high card combinations (starting with two pairs) and in the presence of high (king, ace) unpaired – outsider cards. Most often, two pairs become the initial combination of cards, and in almost 22 out of 100 moments of the game. Therefore, the main question of any strategy in Pai Gow Poker is: whether to separate two pairs, increasing the chance of winning and losing by two hands, or hold them together, increasing the chance of getting a push for one strong and one weak combination. All pairs are usually defined as low, medium, and high:

  • Pairs from 2 to 6 are considered low;
  • Pairs from 7 to 10 – medium;
  • Pairs from jacks to kings are high.

It is these values of the two pairs that become the criterion for making a strategic decision.

House Way & Fortune Options in Online Pai Gow Poker

There is a game against the dealer, so the player’s task is to beat the one in two combinations. Cards must be divided, this can be done either manually, or using a hint by clicking on the House Way button. This option is somewhat similar to auto mode in gambling. After its activation, the system itself distributes the received seven cards into the two most advantageous combinations for the player. But:

  • On the one hand, this is a very useful thing, since it is a real hint to novice players who feel insecure in the game;
  • But on the other, it can be a disservice. Players do not learn to make independent decisions because automation does it for them. And in the future, when they have to play in a real casino, they will always lose.

But gamers should not completely abandon the House Way function. They first need to evaluate the received cards independently and separate them themself. Then turn on the automatic split mode of Fortune Pai Gow Poker and compare whether their combinations coincide with the combinations proposed by the system. By acting in this way, players will quickly learn to find their mistakes and understand the principle of division.

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