Poker Training Apps: the Best Ones to Get Success in Poker

Players for whom poker is more than a game recognize the importance of understanding poker math. Of course, nothing can replace the invaluable experience that they gain directly during the game. However, this method of training is lengthy and quite expensive. Therefore, various poker training simulators have been developed that simulate game situations for players and indicate their mistakes. Using programs of this kind will undoubtedly allow them to avoid many costly mistakes, both at cash tables and when playing tournaments.

Why is it worth to use poker training software?

Using online poker software, players can improve their poker game as well as learn more about the odds table and statistics related to the game. There are poker simulation programs that allow playing against computer opponents or other people using software over the Internet. There are also best poker training sites that allow analyzing poker hands in detail. These programs give players the opportunity to:

  • set poker hands in different ways;
  • choose a range of hands and types of a flop;
  • they count various probabilities and net worth of hands by imitating thousands of poker hands in poker in a very short period.

Such detailed information is useful in the process of analyzing poker hands and understanding what hands to bet all-in against.

Poker Training Apps: Top-3

If players gain experience in a game for real money, getting practical experience can be expensive. There is a way out – training poker games with the help of special programs simulating real game situations. According to the professionals’ reviews, today, the best ones are:

  • ICM Trainer uses the ICM (Independent chip model) formula. According to this formula, the player’s stacks are converted into their corresponding tournament shares. Then there is a calculation of the plus or minus of the push, call or fold at a distance. It is hardly possible to make such calculations in the mind during the time allotted for the course of the poker room. Therefore, only constant poker training with the program or its analogs will help players understand how to act in similar situations. They can use the program, both in training mode, and to parse their distributions. The program is completely free;
  • The SNG Wizard poker training app also allows practicing playing the game in short stacks in the later stages of tournaments. However, unlike ICM Trainer has more advanced functionality. In addition to calculating by ICM, this program can calculate the correct solution using the more advanced FGS (Future Game Simulation) formula. In this method, among other things, such important parameters as previously played hands, statistics on opponents, and others are taken into account, which makes the calculation more accurate;
  • Flopzilla Poker Utility is an indispensable tool to enhance poker skills. Unlike the previous two, this program will be useful to players in any kind of Texas Hold’em, whether tournaments or cash. The program calculates all possible options. It shows the players the percentage probability that the opponent and dealer has a ready-made combination or all kinds of draws. There are a lot of functions in the program. The interface is quite simple, and it takes very little time to master all the functionality.

Each of the poker training programs allows gamers to hone knowledge in practice without the risk of losing money in a specific area of poker theory.

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