Texas holdem rules, hands ranking and procedure of tournaments

Due to the fact that the game is the most popular variation of poker, Texas holdem rules are relatively simple and betting procedure is not complex. Almost any person may have a brief introduction and start playing immediately. The most important thing is of course knowing the hand well because this game is all about building the best possible hand out of cards that will be received in subsequent rounds.

Texas holdem hands ranking and basic betting

Texas holdem rules are consisted of ultimate principles. A player is given two cards being flopped down and the other five cards are dealt in three turns:

  1. Flop – three cards are dealt;
  2. Turn – one more card is given;
  3. River – final card is passed to a player.

During this time a player must make one out of ten possible hands consisted of five cards. It can be defined as follows:

  • Royal flush can be defined as Five cards of the same suite that are consecutively ranked from 10 to Ace 10, L, Q, K, A;
  • Straight flush refers to five cards of the same suite consecutively ranked;
  • Four of a kind is consisted of four cards that bear the same rank;
  • Full house is when a player gets three cards of the same rank;
  • Flush is made of five cards with the same suite;
  • Straight is made of any five cards that are consecutively ranked;
  • Three of a kind is three cards that have the same rank;
  • Two pair refers to two cards of the same rank as well as two more cards that have the same rank;
  • One pair is consisted of two cards of the same rank;
  • High card is when all five cards are unmatched, so the highest card is counted.

Texas holdem poker rules allow players to bluff by pretending to have better hands and raising stakes of bets and to courage opponents to fold. Basic bets procedure is as follows:

  1. First betting round takes place at the stage of preflop. The first player to act is a person to the left of the big blind. The others follow and usually the amount of opening raise should be as twice as the big blind.
  2. Second betting round occurs at flop. Players have the option to “Check”, which means pass the action.
  3. Third betting round at the turn. Players can check, bet, call – match the amount of big blind, fold or raise again.
  4. Final betting round takes place at the river. Players have the same options as in previous round.

So, the rules are extremely simple but it takes a very long time to get to grips with the game, whereas reaching perfection may take lifetime. Texas holdem rules are nothing but following basic procedures that are stated above.

Texas holdem tournament rules

There are many different tournaments that take place in the world f poker. Rules may vary from one competition to another but ultimate rules and main principles are roughly the same. It can be defined as follows:

  • Players buy tournament chips for requested amount;
  • There is a set beginning and end for buying chips;
  • There is a registration period that is preset by organizers;
  • In sit and go tournament, players occupy single table and play until winner is determined;
  • In multi-player tournament, players sit on several tables;
  • Gradually players who lose leave and the range of tables fields is fewer and fewer;
  • All people who get in are entitled for the prize and this is due to be paid according to scheduled raised payments;
  • Roughly 10%-20% of players make money.

Texas holdem tournament rules may vary from one competition to the other and consequentially, it is crucial to find out everything about the rules and the amount of money that will have to be paid in as early as possible.

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