Types Of Poker: Have Fun Discovering All The Range of the Beloved Game

This is the twenty-first century, where everyone has a computer or a phone with the internet access. Yeah, it’s the time for the world of technologies. That’s why we want to share some information about different types of poker games.

Here we represent for you some types of poker games

We know that nowadays we have a lot of variants of such game where slot machines are used. So we prepared for you the most interesting and enjoyable games.

Welcome to the casino world with Texas Holdem

This game was born near 1900s and of course the name of its birthplace is Robstown, Texas.

The goal of this game is to get the best combination with five cards. So every player will have two cards which will be faced down. During all this game after some rounds the players can have common five cards to gather their poker hands.

You have to know that these common five cards you can get partly. At first the dealer will give you three common cards which are called “flop”. The next is one card which is called “turn” and the last one is the fifth called “river”. To learn all this strategy is possible and is not so hard as you can think, but you have to be patient to play such game.

Also, we have three types of slots games based on texas hold’em:

  1. Texas Holdem Fold Up
  2. Texas Holdem Video Slot

Three card poker and its wild combination

Thanks to Derek Webb we have Three Card Poker game. It starts from that moment when a player makes “ante” or “pairplus” bets. Then you will have your poker hand from three cards. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand.

When you make your bet all you need is to hope that you have lucky combination.

Let’s take a look at these crazy mixture of cards:

  1. High Card – three different cards. This combination can include cards from different ranks.
  2. Pair – two cards of the same rank and one is another
  3. Flush – here is not important if you three cards will be with different ranks. But they must be with the same suit.
  4. Straight – three consecutive cards of mixed suits.
  5. Three of a Kind – set of cards with the same rank where higher ranks beating lower ranks.
  6. Straight Flush.

As you can see your win depends on which cards you will have.

And of course, we prepared for you some examples of slots based on Three Card Poker:

  1. Lived 3-Card Poker
  2. 3-Card Poker Progressive
  3. “Prime” 3-Card Poker

The most popular sorts of video poker games:

  1. “Jacks or Better”
  2. Deuces Wild
  3. Joker Poker
  4. Double Bonus
  5. Double Double Bonus
  6. Tens or Better
  7. All American

To sum up this article we can say that gambling is definitely interesting, fascinating and fun. Most of all people don’t believe that casino bonus is real, and they absolutely do not have fortune. Stop this! Everybody has a chance. Just choose one out of types of poker you like and learn its rules.

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